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Why I'm Shelving My Completed Novel --

Posted by heidinorrod on June 27, 2013 at 4:50 PM

I have reasons behind my decision to put away my completed Historical Romance – good ones.

I guess the first is; I’m sick of it. The idea of finding an agent/editor and having to spend up to the next two years or more, editing it again – worries me. I do still have a full out with someone, and should it come to fruition – I will work on it with them. I also have a couple of queries out for it, but I’m really not feeling that great about them picking it up. The thing is that today I pulled it from a blog pitch party and have no regrets.

The second reason, I’m not sure it needs to be a first book that I put out. I mean it varies so significantly from the other things that I have completed or in the works that it really doesn’t match my unsteady platform I’ve tried to set up as a writer. Now, if I were to throw in some aliens (the space sort) or werewolves – Maybe. Maybe, it would match up better to my Science Fiction/ Fantasy platform that’s still quaking under foot. I’m not sure though.

The thing is I’m wallowing in self-doubt about it today. I know that. I fight with my self-doubt and my writing constantly. This time though, I’m heeding my inner voice, it really is rather nagging me today, and putting it away, back on the shelf so that maybe I can go back to it some other day, or maybe not. I’ve only actually ‘shelved’ completed books twice in my life.

The other ‘shelved’ book was a high fantasy, with a plot hole I couldn’t ever find. I should mention I worked on that particular novel for the best part of a five-year period – yeah, it was painful as heck to put it up. It (the plot hole that is to say) was there though sucking the life right out of my characters and their story. I think I actually went into mourning for my characters. I really do.

This one, this historical romance isn’t that bad. I just mainly feel like the time to query it, isn’t here. It isn’t right now. Maybe it will never come around, or maybe it will – but for now ---- the book, word file, pages of scribbles, etc…are going on the shelf. And, I’m going into a mourning phase. The book really is good and I’m sure that there would be people, readers, interested – but I can’t reach readers without an agent or a publisher (and I’m too wimpy to self-pub, and too poor to afford a freelance editor) so on the shelf it goes ----

Good luck to everyone out there running the rat race trying to find an agent/publisher or self-publishers, I bow to you.

Thanks for reading!



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