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Frustrations of Writing - a really crappy poem

Posted by heidinorrod on September 20, 2013 at 3:25 PM


By: Heidi R. Norrod



You work, slave, write and still accomplish nothing.


Or, is it something?



Making a decision you re-read.


Then you think, who off this would feed?



Terrible, trash, rip and crumple then pitch.


So you rest for a time to heal with a stitch.



Back to the computer, you go.


Try again for beautiful words to sow.



Write, type, squiggle and stop.


Nervous fingers push the cursor back to the top.



Rotten, awful and the delete is pressed.


But wait! This isn’t bad I confessed.



I think I’ll keep it! :-)


I can use it!



Hey, you know what?


It can be taught.



Writing isn’t such a bad job after all. ;-)


*And by the way, I never, ever, not even once profess to be a competent poet. I’m not. But my mind was whirling and this erupted. It isn’t even edited. ;-)


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