Online writing conference for authors of Adult and New Adult works.

Welcome to #AdPit! 

#AdPit the Adult-Only bi-annual twitter pitchfest. AdPit comes around every Mid-February and Early- August, the dates may wiggle, but the months will stay rock solid. This ten-day event is more like a mini-conference than just a contest, oh but there are many chances to pitch and get your work seen by industry professionals. The final day of the event is the twitter pitchfest, but throughout the other nine days, are critiques, advice, agent and editor prowls complete with requests for some participants, and lots of fellow writers that just want to have fun and help each other. The very best thing about #AdPit - IT IS COMPLETELY FREE and it will remain so. 


Check out the Blog for all things and all information regarding Adult Pitch or as we're known on twitter, #AdPit. The blog is also updated with writing advice, and other means of support for our fellow writers.

Join in at the Forums for some discussions. Use the 'GENRE SPECIFIC PEER BOARDS at the top to find writer friends, critique partners, beta readers and more. This is also where the PEER CRITIQUES for the contest will be happening. Just find your genre and start talking. Use the 'FINAL SUBMISSIONS' boards at the bottom to post your best work for the industry professional prowls that will be happening starting August 6th, 2015. 

Want to let us know something? Drop us a line on Twitter using #AdPit.

Well, that's it! Have fun and prowl around a bit.