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Guest Post From Literary Agent/Attorney, Eric Ruben

Posted by heidinorrod on June 6, 2013 at 4:15 PM

I thank Mr. Ruben for taking the time out of his busy schedule to write this guest post for me - You can also follow Eric on twitter @RubenAgency, and I do suggest that you do follow him. His #askagent posts are very helpful, and his other posts are very educational for beginning writers/queriers.

Now, from Eric --




I’m an expert at rejection. I’ve spent decades as a professional actor, stand-up, and singer. I’ve had years in New York where I’ve auditioned over 100 times without a call back. I’ve done film, stage, commercials and even print advertising. I’ve interviewed with many agents before getting my own at a giant New York agency and then I was dropped. Trust me when I tell you, if you are seeking success but do not want to experience rejection, you are walking east looking for a sunset. You will be very disappointed.


Rejection is a part of success, just as death is a part of life. The too are inseparable. The bottom line is, if you want success in any endeavor, you must embrace the reality that you will face rejection.


Rejection itself is not bad. Our judgments about it are what creates pain. Whatever you resist, persists, grows stronger, and dominates your life. So often we fear things that, in reality, are far less painful than the actual event. What if you embraced rejection as a step in your education? What if you decided to learn from the rejection, adjusted course and moved forward? That simple change in attitude could be a game changer for you.


In addition, beware the gossiping group. Many enjoy your company when you are not doing well and want to share the misery. Hours can be wasted discussing how the business sucks, agents and editors are scum and that no one “gets” how great you are. Do you think that leads to growth and success?


As an entertainment attorney, literary agent and talent manager, I still face rejection. First, through my clients. I would be arrogant and a liar if I told you that signing with me meant instant success. Working with me is yet another step toward success, not a guarantee of it. Secondly, I get rejected by clients I want to sign, clients who leave me for many reasons (most unknown to me), and editors, directors and producers who don’t see what I see.


If you only get one message from this, it should be this: do not fear rejection. It shows that you are a professional. Remember, if you take no chances, you will not have to deal with rejection. But is that the life you want?



Eric W. Ruben, Esq., President

The Ruben Agency


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