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Another Writing Sample - HIDDEN INSIDE HER

Posted by heidinorrod on June 22, 2013 at 7:50 PM

This writing sample of 250ish words is from my Young Adult Science Fiction Romance, entitled HIDDEN INSIDE HER. I do hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading friends,





By: Heidi R. Norrod


Chapter 1: Black Sun, First Sign


The day the sun went black and stayed black was the first sign. Jasmine Foster knew that the sun had eclipsed more times in the last three weeks than it should, even with the frayed atmosphere. On this last day of February when the sun went black, the temperature dropped from 103 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 in less than an hour. Wren and Jasmine were in the top of the lookout tower above what was Atlanta, Georgia, but now it was simply USA Town 5, shivering with the sudden decrease in the temperature.

“What the heck is going on here, Jazz? It hasn’t been this cold in like forty years.” Wren asked her teeth chattering.

Jasmine took in her friend’s cutoffs that barely covered her hips and her bare midriff. “Not sure. I haven’t gotten anything from NAPS about it.”

“Um why would you? They’re on Red Earth and we’re still here.” Wren’s eyes sized up Jasmine’s own thin linen short shorts and tank top. “And aren’t you cold?”

“The New Age Pirates send out information on anything they hijack from the Red Earth government.” Jasmine squinted into the quickly growing darkness thanks to the absence of the sun.

“Ah! So you think this is a ploy by RE-NASA to freeze us out into the open, so they can kidnap us and drag us all off to that hell hole they call the utopia of the universe or whatever.”

Jasmine shook her head. “No. I’m saying that if it was a tactic of theirs then NAPS would’ve told me.”



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