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Writing Sample - SICARI DAWN

Posted by heidinorrod on June 22, 2013 at 7:55 PM

Below is a sample of my Young Adult Romantic Horror entitled SICARI DAWN.

Thanks so much for reading!




By: Heidi R. Norrod


Chapter 1: Death Order


The infamous black door leaps up in front of me ending my trek through the sulfurous and acrid lakes that make up this section of Hell. This is perfect because I already feel cranky and venomous. The last thing I desire is to go through that damn door. I already know what the Sexprimi of the Concilium want, and it means that I’ll have to go back to the surface. I just returned less than three hours ago, leaving nine dead bodies in the swamps near New Orleans. Life was supposed to be unfair, not eternity. I sigh and reach for the bleached bone skull of the lesser demon that is the doorknob. It turns soundlessly in my hand.

An odor that smells an awful lot like burnt rubber assaults my nose. Fighting to keep my nose from crinkling up in distaste, I look around the cavernous black-walled room. Two massive panoramic windows slice through the sidewalls. One gave the Sexprimi a perfect bird’s-eye-view of the tortured souls, the ones that supposedly burn all eternity – yeah those tortured souls. Although normally they only burn until either the Sexprimi or Emperor Lucifer finds a better use for them.

The other window reveals all the action from the rest of us, from the Sicari and the Castra, but mostly the army, because as assassins we, sicari, rarely stay in Hell for very long at a time.


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