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Writing Sample - AZTEC PAWN

Posted by heidinorrod on June 22, 2013 at 8:00 PM

The first bit of my Adult Historical Fantasy, entitled Aztec Pawn. Bet you didn't think I could write for adults -- did you? ;-)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!





By: Heidi R. Norrod


Preface: Chosen

I was born on the twelfth day of August, the last day of the Minor Festival of the Dead, in the year 1503. Upon my birth, the Priests declared me as one of the gods Chosen, and on my eighteenth birthday, I would die for it. I will be a sacrifice in the hope that the gods would bless my people. Perhaps they believed it fated, that my death would sanctify the Aztec. The problem is they never accounted for me – and I didn’t plan to go out quietly. I was ready to do it alone, but the Priests made a serious error. The gods had other plans for me, plans that no one was ready for, not at all.

It all started when the strange speaking foreigners arrived in Tenochtitlan with their wounded man, the four-legged beasts and sticks that made fire on one end. I was only weeks from my imposed death. Then, things started to change.



Chapter 1: Treasured Feather


The village that spilled outward from the temple steps was overwrought with new weaponry and the voices of children pierced the cooling autumn air as the juvenile hunting competitions started at the jungle’s edge. Everyone in Tenochtitlan seemed happy. Festivals always brought out the best in people. In fact, Quecholli used to be my favorite one to celebrate. This year though, it was different. All the happiness seemed sucked out of the Treasured Feather ceremony, because my only friend, Teno, would be dressed in a deerskin and sacrificed at mid-day. My own sacrifice would come later at dusk.



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