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Writing Sample - NEMESIS

Posted by heidinorrod on June 22, 2013 at 8:05 PM

This sample is from my adult supernatural romance entitled, NEMESIS.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!




By: Heidi Norrod

Chapter 1: Drawing Up The Dead

Her blood and flesh coating his glinting teeth is what Lizzy Collins remembers most about her best friend, Angelina’s murder last month. That’s not all she can remember. Oh no, every single detail is as vivid as the night’s stars. The glaring memories helped her make the decision that Trevor must die now. The problem was no matter how much scrying she’d done, she couldn’t find him or his pack of oversized, slobbering monsters. All the hours spent humped over the tiny table in the kitchen poring over maps of the Appalachian Mountains since that night were lost, but tonight’s storm meant she could try something else. Something illegal for her coven, and for all white witches, but she is beyond caring now.

Lightning flashes a second before thunder rocks through the tiny three-room cabin. Shoving her wild, tangled blonde hair out of her face, Lizzy leans over the newly drawn hexagram on the floor in front of the enormous fireplace. The piece of black chalk in her trembling hand shivers as she places the tip of it right in the center of the diagram. It spins three times on its own, before catapulting into the cheery flames of the fire. They flare up black and hold their color.

It’s too late now. She can’t back out. The black hexagram is complete. Lizzy’s breath catches in her throat. The six-pointed figure is a tag of the mark of the beast. Something slams against the bolted door of the cabin.

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